aug 17

Ne engedjük áttörni a gátat!

3106 - demokrácia (702 x 800)


  1. I’ve never had a dog; but I’ve known and loved many other pets. I guess my parents, who were raised on farms, trained me to be pragmatic about the loss of a pet, though. I’ve missed every cat, parakeet, and hamster I’ve lost, but I don’t think I have felt it as deeply as some people do.I’m sorry your family is feeling it so gut-wrenchingly. Maybe dogs are just special that way. They really tend to bond deeply with their families, and I am not surprised you are having a hard time with the loss. Hope it gets better soon.

  2. Any fields that are not WP native fields will be included at the bottom of the user profile. If there is not data in there and you are not using a caching plugin, then the next question would be are you sure that users are putting data into those fields, since they are not required? Have you tested the form from the front end and determined that data is not being captured?

  3. Utrolig mye fint :)Jeg ville nok kjøpt et par av de søte håndlagde teldlhosyerne (med prikker), smykketre i sølv, stålkurv, eller kanskje det kule pynte treet med tovet ull som årets juletre <3

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